Samsung is the most popular Android phone manufacturer. The company has phones that range from bleeding-edge technology to budget-friendly smartphones, and no matter what your price point is, there is a Galaxy phone available for you.

UPDATE: 03/26/2024

We’ve updated our buying guide with a variety of the newest Samsung Phone models. Take a look!

What to Look for in a Samsung Phone

It may sound like a bit much to need a buying guide for phone shopping from just one company. However, Samsung makes a lot of phones, and it can be difficult to figure out which ones have the features and specs you want.

You may be familiar with some common Samsung lines, such as the Galaxy S series or the Galaxy Z foldable phones. However, those are just a few of Samsung’s smartphone lines. The company has a smartphone at practically every price point.

There’s more than just price to take into consideration, though. Are you okay with the big size of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, or do you want something smaller? How important is camera hardware to you? Is a long battery life a necessity?

One nice thing about Samsung phones is they all run the same software: One UI. Whether you’re looking for the biggest and baddest or something low-key and affordable, the software will look the same across Samsung phones. However, what does matter is software update support. Understandably, Samsung’s flagships get more preference, but mid-range and entry-level devices tend to lose the software support battle quite quickly, especially if the phone is a few years old.

There’s a Samsung device that fits everyone’s needs, so let’s start finding them.

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Best Samsung Phone Overall: Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24



✓ Same chipset as the S24+ and Ultra

✗ Less onboard storage than other S24 models

✓ Great design with plenty of color options

✓ ۱۲۰Hz refresh rate and HDR support

✓ Solid battery life with Super Fast Charging

As is the case with many phone manufacturers these days, Samsung’s flagship line consists of not one but three models, available in different sizes. The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the smallest of the three, but every bit as powerful as its larger siblings, making it the best choice for most people.

Despite being the most affordable of the Galaxy S24 line, this model has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SM8650-AB chipset and Adreno 750 GPU. The RAM is slightly less, at 8GB compared to the 12GB found in the S24+ and S24 Ultra. Storage is also slightly lower, with 128GB and 256GB options.

The display is a 6.2-inch dynamic AMOLED model with a resolution of 2,340 by 1,080 pixels. It features a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth motion, the same as the larger models. The display also features HDR support, with a peak brightness of 2,600nits.

You get a 50MP main camera and 12MP ultrawide camera, plus a 12MP selfie camera on the front. The battery has a capacity of 4,000mAh, slightly larger than the 3,900mAh battery in the S23. The phone supports Samsung Super Fast Charging, which offers up to 45W wired or 15W wireless charging.

Of course, it’s not all about hardware. The Galaxy S24 runs Samsung’s take on Android 14, including some handy software features like Circle to Search. This lets you draw a circle around an item in an image to run a Google Search for it automatically.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is available in a wide range of colors, letting you choose from Amber Yellow, Cobalt Violet, Marble Gray, or Onyx Black.

Samsung Galaxy S24

htg best of 2024 1
Samsung Galaxy S24
Best Samsung Phone Overall

The Samsung Galaxy S24 may be the smallest in the line, but it’s still got big-time processing power and a fantastic camera, perfect for selfies, group shots, and more.

Best Mid-Range Samsung Phone: Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

Photo of Galaxy S23 FE, Tab S9 FE, and Buds FE



Great price

Runs on the old Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

AMOLED display

Average battery life

Surprisingly good cameras

Supports 5G networks

The Galaxy S23 FE offers many of the same specs as the more expensive Galaxy S23, though it cuts some corners to achieve a more reasonable price. But if you can live with a few compromises, this is a great way to save a few bucks.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the smartphone is its processor, as it uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 instead of the Gen 2 found on the Galaxy S23. However, it still boasts 8GB RAM, support for 5G networks, and a robust suite of cameras (headlined by the 50MP Wide lens). It also packs in an optical fingerprint scanner, allowing you to unlock your device quickly.

Samsung didn’t seem to cut corners with the S23 FE’s display, as it uses a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen larger than the standard Galaxy S23. It also supports the same 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, though it maxes out at 1,500 nits compared to 1,750 nits. Still, it’s a great-looking screen—especially considering its price tag.

While it may not be as premium as the Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23 FE takes many of its best features, cuts away the excess, and gives you a solid handset at a remarkable price.

Galaxy S23 FE

htg best of 2024 1
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
Best Mid-Range Samsung Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE offers many of the same features as the more expensive Galaxy S23, though it cuts a few corners to achieve a more approachable price.

Best Budget Samsung Phone: Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G



✓ Solid performance for the price

✗ Display is less impressive than Galaxy S models

✓ ۵,۰۰۰mAh battery capacity

✗ HDR is lacking compared to pricier models

✓ Expandable storage via microSD

✓ ۳۲MP front-facing camera for selfies

Buying a budget phone doesn’t mean opting for something you don’t enjoy using. If you’re looking for a Samsung phone on a budget, the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G offers a great mix of performance, aesthetics, and affordability.

You wouldn’t know this is a budget phone to look at it, as it features a large 6.4-inch super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth motion. It also features HDR support with a peak brightness of 1,000nits, and the phone’s front and rear are covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to keep scratches and damage at bay.

The phone features an Exynos 1380 chipset and Mali-G68 MP5 GPU, supported by 6GB RAM. Storage is limited to 128GB internal, but it is expandable via microSD. The phone runs Android 13 out of the box, but is upgradable to Android 14.

You get a 50MP main wide-angle lens on the rear, plus a 12MP ultrawide camera. The phone features a 32MP camera on the front, making it perfect for selfies. Galaxy A54 features a battery capacity of 5,000mAh, so you’ll be able to go for a day or two between charges easily.

There aren’t many colors to choose from when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy A54. Still, you do get a choice between violet and black finishes.

samsung galaxy A54

htg best of 2024 1
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
Best Budget Samsung Phone

Samsung’s latest budget phone has a large 6.4-inch screen, 5G support, and several years of promised OS and security upgrades.

Best Samsung Phone for Battery Life: Samsung Galaxy S24+

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus



✓ Battery life is some of the best you’ll find

✗ Only slightly smaller than the S24 Ultra

✓ Super Fast Charging support means less waiting

✓ Fantastic performance

✓ Large, sharp-looking display

If you’re looking for the best battery life, you may be tempted to go for the top-of-the-line Galaxy S24 Ultra. That said, if the additional features of the S24 Ultra don’t appeal to you, the design may not be your cup of tea. The Samsung Galaxy S24+ features excellent battery life in a sleek, slightly more compact package.

The Galaxy S24+ is equipped with a 4,900mAh battery, which is only slightly less capacity than the 5,000mAh battery built into the S24 Ultra. This, combined with the ever-so-smaller screen, means that the battery life between the two should be comparable.

This phone also supports Samsung’s Super Fast Charging, though chargers are sold separately. The feature means that the S24+ is capable of 45W wired or 15W wireless charging, meaning you won’t find yourself waiting hours for your phone to charge fully.

The display is a 6.7-inch dynamic AMOLED display with HDR support and a peak brightness of up to 2,600nits. Powering everything is the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SM8650-AB chipset that you’ll find in the S24 Ultra. Storage options are also the same, with either 256GB or 512GB of internal storage, both of which come with 12GB RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ is available in Amber Yellow, Cobalt Violet, Marble Gray, and Onyx Black color options.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

htg best of 2024 1
Samsung Galaxy S24+
Best Samsung Phone for Battery Life

If you’re looking for the performance and battery life of the S24 Ultra in a sleeker, less squared-off package, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ is the perfect option.

Best Samsung Camera Phone: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra



✓ Large, fantastic-looking display

✗ S Pen still offers limited functionality

✓ Glass reduces reflections for better photos

✓ AI photo features are easy to sue

✓ Excellent battery life

The built-in cameras on phones have come a long way, to the point where any flagship phone will likely have a quality camera. That said, if you’re looking for a Samsung phone to serve as one of the main tools in your photography arsenal, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can’t be beat.

The actual hardware hasn’t changed much from the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but considering how good the lenses were on that phone, that’s a good thing. You get four cameras on the back, with a 200MP, f/1.7 main camera. This is joined by a 50MP 5x telephoto lens, a 10MP 3x lens, and a 12MP ultrawide lens. On the front, you get a 12MP selfie camera.

As with the previous model, the rear lenses feature Samsung’s Super Clear Glass, which reduces glare and lens flare. The Corning Gorilla Glass on the front also reduces glare and reflections on both the screen and the selfie camera. The AI features built into the S24 Ultra let you change or replace unwanted features, and the software ensures that night photography is still stunning.

Speaking of the display, it uses a 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED panel that is incredibly sharp due to a 3088 x 1440p display with a pixel density of 501ppi. It also uses a 120Hz refresh rate to keep motion and scrolling ultra-smooth. This is all powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SM8650-AB, featuring an Adreno 750 GPU.

You can choose from either 256GB or 512GB internal storage, and regardless of which you pick, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is equipped with 12GB RAM. You can also expect excellent battery life thanks to the 5,000mAh battery.

The phone supports Super Fast Charging, which means 45W wired charging or 15W wireless charging.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is available in Titanium Yellow, Titanium Violet, Titanium Gray, and Titanium Black.

s24 ultra

htg best of 2024 1
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Best Samsung Camera Phone
$۱۱۴۵ $۱۳۰۰ Save $155

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is Samsung’s top-of-the-line Android flagship from Samsung. New in 2024, this smartphone features a titanium frame, a flat cover display made out of Gorilla Glass armor, and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC that powers the new Galaxy AI features. 

Best Samsung Foldable Phone: Galaxy Z Flip 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Mint, Graphite, Cream, and Lavender
Justin Duino / How-To Geek



Outer screen is large and easy to use

Cameras aren’t a major upgrade from the Z Flip 4

Flip form factor is easy to pocket and carry

Charging could be faster

Improved hinge lets the phone flip completely closed

IPX8 water resistance

When it comes to foldable phones, you get the mini-tablet style, and then you have the flip style, which hearkens back to the days of the flip phone. Samsung makes both types of phones, but for the average person looking for a foldable, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the best choice.

The flip form factor makes fitting the Z Flip 5 into your pocket much easier than the typical smartphone phone design, but you also get useful gestures like flipping the phone shut to end a call. The outer screen isn’t just a gimmick, either, as you can use it for certain apps without opening the phone. While not every app is supported on the Cover Screen (as Samsung calls it), many are, so it’s likely your favorites can work on the outer screen. And there are workarounds to use any app on the Cover Screen as well.

The inner screen is a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, while the Cover Screen is a 3.4-inch Super AMOLED panel. This Galaxy phone is also powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and 8GB RAM. Finally, you can opt for either 256GB or 512GB configurations.

While the camera lenses and sensor haven’t seen much of an upgrade, the more powerful chipset makes for better processing than the Z Flip 4, leading to better photos. The Z Flip 5 has four color options: Graphite, Cream, Lavender, and Mint.

As good as the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is, the flip-style form factor isn’t for everyone. If you want more screen real estate and more powerful hardware, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is a higher-end alternative to the Z Flip 5. The only major downside is that it’s considerably pricier than the Z Flip 5.

flip 5-1

htg best of 2024 1
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
Best Samsung Foldable Phone
$۸۳۱ $۱۰۰۰ Save $169

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is a flip-fold style foldable with a big outside display and a small compact size.


How do I unlock my Samsung phone?

First things first, you need your Samsung phone’s IMEI number. The easiest way to find it is by entering *#06# in the Phone app (or navigating to Settings > About Phone). Next, contact your mobile service carrier and tell them you’d like to unlock your phone; give them the required information. At this point, there’s nothing left to do on your end. Your carrier will handle it and let you know when your Samsung phone is unlocked.

How do I take a screenshot on my Samsung phone?

There are a couple of ways to take screenshots on your Samsung phone. Firstly, you can press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. Or, if you’d prefer a simple hand gesture, you can locate Settings > Advanced Features > Motion and Gestures, then enable “Palm Swipe to Capture.”

How do I reset my Samsung phone?

If you’re going to trade your phone in for a new one, or there’s an annoying bug that won’t go away, a factory reset will take care of things by wiping your phone clean. So, before factory resetting your Samsung phone, make sure you back up your photos, videos, and other important files.

How do I pair the Samsung Galaxy Buds with my Galaxy phone?

Before starting the pairing sequence, ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled. Once you’re sure Bluetooth is available, set your Galaxy Buds in their charging case, close the lid for about five seconds, then open the case again. Next, choose your Galaxy Buds from the list of available devices, and they’ll attempt to pair with your Galaxy Phone. For more help, check out Samsung’s support page on connecting Galaxy Buds.

Are Samsung phones waterproof?

While no Samsung phone is waterproof, all models since the S7 are equipped with an IP68 water resistance rating. This means you shouldn’t go swimming with a Samsung phone in your pocket, but your handset is safeguarded against splashes of water and sweat, as well as water submersion of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes (though it’s unwise to put this to the test).