You Can Preorder the Google Pixel 8a and Get a Free $100 Gift Card


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Credit: Product image courtesy of Amazon.

The Google Pixel 8a is officially available for preorder, and Amazon is offering a $100 Amazon gift card if you buy the new phone from them. The budget phone from Google’s latest ۸ Series is a great value considering that it starts at $499 and comes with many of the features and specs from the Pixel 8. Basically, if you waited around for the 8a to come out, your patience is being rewarded.

The $100 Amazon gift card deal runs until May 20 at 2:59 am ET or while supplies last. If you return the phone, you’ll be charged $100 from Amazon (but you get to keep the gift card).

Google has been releasing the “a” series in their new lineups for some years now, and personally, they’re my favorite smartphones. The “a” series Pixels are the budget version of the series and usually come out about six months on average after the release of the new lineup, and as Lifehacker’s Associate Tech Editor Michelle Ehrhardt explained, the Pixel 8a is almost pound-for-pound replacement for the 8. It has the same Tensor G3 processor as the Pixel 8/8 Pro, a slightly smaller 6.1-inch 120Hz “Actual” display, and a slightly better camera system in terms of pixels, but it may have weaker sensors. The 8a is also getting Google Gemini Nano support like the other Pixels. Like the other Pixel 8s, you’ll get ۷ years of guaranteed software support as well as the same new drop features.

Considering the Pixel 8a is $200 less than the Pixel 8, it makes for not only a great cheaper Pixel option, but also one of the best Android budget phones you can get right now. The $100 Amazon gift card just makes it a better deal.

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