The Best Tools to Keep Your Purse or Bag Organized


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If you have a lot of bags, you need to be strategic about how you organize them. But even if you only have one bag, you need to organize its contents, and for that, you’ll need an interior organizer. There are some great options out there, and the one you choose will depend on your needs and what kind of bag you favor. Here are some of my favorite options.

The best organizer for a tote bag

Totes are a go-to bag for work, commuting, the gym, the beach, or just running errands. The issue is that they usually lack any kind of interior pockets, favoring a single compartment with a lot of space where stuff can get jumbled together, making it tough to find what you’re looking for. So pick an organizer that can give it some structure.

The OMYSTYLE organizer comes in various sizes from mini to extra large, is tall enough to give flimsy bags more shape, and features a bunch of pockets of different sizes so you can keep makeup, pens, or even tech gadgets separated and easy to find. This one is highly recommended across TikTok, too—check it out in action here.

The best organizer for frequent bag-switching

Real bagheads know that needs change from day to day, and sometimes multiple times per day, depending on where you’re going, what you’re wearing, and what you’re toting around. Not every organizer will fit in every bag, so it’s worth grabbing some mesh zipper bags that can keep your stuff separated no matter what size carrier you’re using. Try these:

The best standalone bag organizer

This organizer from BTSKY has a handle and is available in a neutral beige color, meaning you can take it out of your bag and bring it around with you if you need to—a bag within a bag. It’s a great option for when you get to work and don’t feel like bringing your whole handbag into a meeting, or when you want to leave your expensive or unwieldy bag in a locker or at coat check after you’ve made your entrance, but you still need to carry around a few things. With 13 pockets and nearly a 12-inch width, it can handle most tech, along with whatever small items you want to stuff into it.

The best bag organizer for a classy look

If the style of your bag is just as important (or, if you’re me, more important) than its function, you probably don’t want a utilitarian organizer in there throwing off your aesthetic. The prettiest one I found is this simple black and gold winner from DailyPlus, which comes in six sizes from small to extra large and features 10 pockets, a wallet zipper pocket, and a place to attach your keys.

The best organizers for a suitcase

Suitcases are just big bags —arguably, the bags most likely to get jumbled up when full of stuff. To complete your bag-organizing journey, don’t forget to pick up something to make your travels a little less chaotic.

This set comes with structured mesh bags, drawstring bags, and pouches so you can separate laundry, intimates, makeup, swimsuits, or whatever else you’re traveling with.

The best organizer for a gym or diaper bag

Finally, if you’re carrying around a big bag of heavy stuff—think a gym bag with sneakers or a diaper bag with baby supplies—you need something sturdy to keep it all separated. A bigger organizer, like this one from Comicfs, can keep dirty clothes and shoes separate from clean ones, bottles and diapers separate from blankets, or any other bigger items away from each other.

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