My Favorite Amazon Deal of the Day: Echo Pop


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Credit: Illustration by Ian Moore and product image courtesy of Amazon.

Of all the smart speakers made by Amazon, which are already relatively low priced, the Amazon Echo Pop is the most affordable. Right now, it’s discounted to $۱۹.۹۹ (originally $39.99) after a 50% discount. Considering it still has all the same features as the more expensive Echo devices, the Echo Pop makes a great value Alexa device, and that’s why it is my favorite Amazon deal of the day.

Amazon does some great things with Echo Pop. To begin with, it’s cheap, offering a good option if you’re looking to put Amazon devices in multiple rooms without breaking the bank. And if you have an Eero mesh wifi network, the Echo Pop can double as an Eero node to expand your internet. But it’s not perfect.

Amazon needed to cut spending somewhere, and they decided to do it right down the middle. Literally. The Echo Pop is essentially a ۵th Generation Echo Dot cut in half, at least design-wise. Unsurprisingly, the smaller speaker doesn’t get as loud as the Echo Dot. It also has a noticeably weaker bass and no touch or temperature sensors like the Echo Dot, according to PCMag’s “excellent” review of the Echo Pop. If those things are important to you, the Echo Dot is just $8 more than the Echo Pop right now. If you just want a capable Alexa device for cheap, the Echo Pop is more than enough.

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